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November 12, 2009 Leave a comment


1. See Costa Rica underground or up in the air!
Emily and Amy have never been to Costa Rica and want to explore it in an unconventional way, but don’t have much experience in the wilderness. They want to see and learn about the environment without having to do intense trekking in the forests and mountains. Therefore, they choose to see Costa Rica via a new tunnel tour service. They plan on going on the underground tour which provides them with all the equipment they would need and a knowledgeable tour guide to show them around the amazing ant tunnels as well as dazzling caves. They would be safe and dry during their tour because they’ll be seeing the sights in newly-constructed glass tunnels that connect the various sites. If they enjoy exploring this tour, they’d like to try the up-in-the-air tour which uses tunnels that are elevated to different heights to explore the higher-up canopies in the forests safely and comfortably.

2. Remote Research Costa Rican Ecosystems

Dave, a roboticist at Stanford, is working with Bob, a biologist. Dave wants to test out a new robot snake that is rugged and can navigate a variety of terrains and surfaces. Bob wants to learn more about the biodiversity and ecosystems in Costa Rica. Together, they’re sending Dave’s new robot, equipped with a sophisticated set of sensors, to a jungle in Costa Rica to see if they can gather data remotely through the robot. To do this, they’re sending their robot snake to Earth University who can help offer suggestions for improving the robot to gather better data. Researchers at Earth University can help Dave and Bob maintain the robot too if there are technical problems.

3. Molly and her family have just arrived at Sarchi, Costa Rica. They came to this town because they initially were interested in learning more about native arts and crafts. They came at an opportune time since the town just implemented an “art appreciation week” where local establishments all showcase the work done by artisans all over Central America. Molly and her family while eating at a local popular restaurant enjoy eating off of ceramic bowls and plates made by locals. There are decorative textiles hanging on the restaurant walls. And since they really like the local art, they choose to buy and keep the dishes they ate off of, and get a discount off the price of the meal for contributing to the local art community.

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