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service concept story board

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some inspirational TED videos

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Rory Sutherland talks about intangible and perceived value

Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman talks about positive psychology

Both talks mention technology and hint at ways in which technology and design can make a huge impact in shaping people’s perception and behavior.

This one is very interesting. It talks about how freedom of choice isn’t always a good thing.

Hi Alice

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Hi my name is Alice. I am a college student who has studied at schools in Peru, Switzerland, Tunisia and India. I am currently studying at UC Berkeley. Since I have traveled widely, I am slightly older than my peers, but I have no trouble connecting and getting along with them. i love meeting new people and exploring places. I also love trying new cuisines. My hobbies include growing vegetables at the community garden, doing origami, stargazing, and running. I like sharing pictures of my travels on Flickr and keeping in touch with friends from around the world on Facebook. I also frequently use online maps and travel guides such as Google Maps and Lonely Planet. I have been trying to use more mobile devices that can have multiple functions and hold lots of data to save space in my bags when I travel.

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researching interactive possibilities of AR

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AR in museums in the Amsterdam

Team-based handheld AR Quest inside a museum

Augmented reality toys

Some videos and articles on applications of AR for games and learning…AR seems to have so much potential to create amazing experiences, these examples still leave a lot to be desired.

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