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iPhone vs Kindle, and what about the future of reading?

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t have an iPhone nor do I have a Kindle so what I write is based on what I’ve read or heard. The iPhone seems like it has almost limitless capabilities while the Kindle is for reading texts, documents, and periodicals. I think that perhaps those who like reading the experience of reading text from a computer screen would be perfectly content with using the iPhone whereas those who are attached to the experience of reading printed text would be better off with the Kindle. The iPhone’s multimedia abilities provide plenty of entertainment, so why use it to read books? The major advantage of having the Kindle Will a later iteration of one of these devices replace books, newspapers, magazines and journals completely? What can we do to revolutionize the reading experience? I’m still old fashioned and prefer the actual printed material. There’s the feel of the thickness of the page, the smell of a new or an aged book, and the different weight of each book that makes reading every book a unique experience for me. Now how can that be captured in a device?

Some links I visited to learn more about these devices:

is the iPhone the Ultimate eBook Reader?

cnet’s review of the Apple iPhone

cnet’s review of the Kindle DX

Amazon’s Kindle specs

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